Bread & Dipping Oils


Toasted Rosemary bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic Glaze

Assorted Olives


Bowl of assorted Italian & Greek Olives

Proscuitto Wrapped Dates


4 Dates filled with Goat Cheese and wrapped in a piece of Prosciutto

Pretzels and Cheese


2 Pretzels with our delicious fondue cheese & mustard | NOT AVAILABLE TO GO

Hummus & Veggies


House made hummus, assorted veggies and bread

Burrata & Naan


Burrata ball with a pesto base, tomatoes, and naan bread with balsamic glaze drizzle. You will receive 1 large or 2 small burrata balls depending on what is available to us.

We will be Permanently Closed as of June 16th, 2024. Please follow us on Social Media for more updates.